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When you hear Chianti, what do you think of? The chances are of a beautiful glass of wine! This is because Chianti is one of the most famous wine regions in Tuscany, if not the whole of Italy. However, that said, it isn’t only the wonderful wine that you can sample in Chianti - there are also plenty of other amazing things to do.

This includes the Sculpture Park, the amazing castles and churches of the area, and of course all the amazing places to eat and relax. The landscape is among the most beautiful in the whole region, as well as the most well-known and appreciated by visitors from across the world.

The views here are truly unique, with rolling green hills covered with olive groves and vineyards, and homes and entire villages made of stone. Photographs of the Chianti landscapes are used for postcards and calendars which are distributed around the world.


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Chianti At A Glance

Must Do Whilst on Holiday in Chianti: Of course... WINE TASTING!

Towns to Visit near Chianti: Greve, Panzano, Castellina, Radda, Gaoile

Events in Chianti: Mercatini di Natale (Christmas Market), Cantine Aperte (Open Wineries), Granfondo della Vernaccia (Bicycle racing and antique car rally) + many more

What to See in Chianti: Statue of Giovanni da Verrazzan, the Church of S. Croce, Castle of Panzano, Pieve di San Leolino, Via delle Volte, Church of S. Salvatore, Archeological Museum of Chianti Senese, Palazzo del Podesta, Church of S. Niccolo, Franciscan Cloister of S. Maria in Prato, Castle of Volpaia, Castle of Vertine, the Castle of Meleto