Found on the top of a hill, Ragusa is a beautiful and historical town that has proven popular for plenty of tourists over the years. One of the UNESCO-listed Baroque towns of south-eastern Sicily, Ragusa is also one of the major filming locations for the Sicilian detective drama Il Commissario Montalbano (Inspector Montalbano), a series which has done wonders for publicising the beauty of this area. 

There is plenty to see and do in Ragusa. However, if you really want to take in the beauty of the town then we suggest simply walking through the streets, soaking up all the character and charm. If you feel up to it, a walk up the steps to the upper town will give you some amazing views. Otherwise, simply sit in a café, enjoy some delicious food and drink and relax.

Ragusa Ibla is the magnet for tourists, though the upper town is still worth a visit. The town's archaeological museum and its everyday shops and businesses, as well as most of its hotels, are in Ragusa Superiore. Ibla is the more charming base for a holiday, though, with picturesque lanes, cafes, restaurants and gastronomic shops aimed at tourists. Its main artery is the perfect venue for the evening passeggiata.

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Ragusa At A Glance

Nearest Airport to Ragusa: Comiso

Towns to Visit near Ragusa: Modica, Scicli, Siracusa

Getting Around Ragusa: Walking, Car Hire, Bus or Taxi

What to Eat in Ragusa: Arancini (rice balls, often filled with fish),  ragusano, a DOP cheese made from milk produced in the countryside of Ragusa,  cannoli made with fresh cow's milk ricotta.