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Modica is arguably one of the most interesting slices of Baroque in this corner of Sicily. It certainly is at the very centre of the main Baroque towns, so makes an ideal base for visiting any of them. It spreads up two sides of a steep ravine, like layers of a cake. Dramatic and beautiful, its tiers of houses cling to the hillsides and churches dominate the skyline.

Known as “the town of a hundred churches” its bells ring the passing of time, but Modica seems not to notice, feeling as if time has stood still somehow. Its main street is full of incredible and fascinating architecture, which creates a breathtaking backdrop – you simply cannot help but be impressed by it. As well as its fabulous shops and restaurants, you will see ostentatious palazzi, beautiful old churches, impressive cathedrals and grinning gargoyles that seem to watch you from beneath every balcony!

Modica is a busy and bustling place, full of life and feels typically Italian and ‘lived in’ – it’s lovely to stroll around, day or night, to absorb the very Sicilian atmosphere and to enjoy a spot of great shopping in its chic, designer shops. Staying here gives you a real taste of a particularly appealing, modern day Sicilian way of life.

Not only is Modica famous for its art and architecture, but also for its chocolate. They still use the ancient Aztecs’ traditional recipe and a chocolate festival is held each year, in March. There are some specialist cafés and shops where you can sample the town’s peculiar flavoured chocolate – try the famous chilli chocolate! It is a truly wonderful town and one of our favourites in Sicily.

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Modica At A Glance

Layout of Modica: Split into two parts, Modica Bassa and Modica Alta

Modica is Best Known for: Its Aztec Chocolate

What to See in Modica: Duomo di San Giorgio

Make it a Multi-Centre: Spend a few nights in Modica combined with a few in Ragussa and Noto - Our Travel Specialists think this is the best way to experience a Sicilian holiday full of history and culture.

What to Eat in Modica: Scacce is flatbread folded in layers with a variety of fillings, such as aubergine and tomatoes or ricotta cheese and vegetables - don't miss this delicious local speciality.