This medieval town offers the perfect combination for a holiday. It hugs the shore, with its picturesque fishermen’s cottages and narrow, winding streets. At its heart is the beautiful 12th century Norman cathedral. There is a charming cove, just in the historic centre, and a huge sweep of golden, sandy beach, the other side of the town.

There are countless shops, trattorie, restaurants and bars to wander around. In summer, it bustles with life, day and night. It is full of atmosphere. Very close to the motorway, it is also an ideal base for exploring the island.

Cefalu is notable for its beautiful sunsets. There are some substantial and elegant buildings in the town which serve as a reminder of the variety of international influences on Sicily, from Norman and Byzantine to Arab and Spanish.


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Cefalu At A Glance

Nearest Airport to Cefalu: Palermo

Towns to Visit near Cefalu: Castelbuono

Best Way to Get Around Cefalu: Walking, Car, Taxi or Bus

Local Delicacy of Cefalu: Sicilian cannoli: crisp shell filled with sheep milk, ricotta, chocolate chips, and candied fruit. 

What to See in Cefalu: Cefalu Cathedral