In the insular province of Sassari in the north west of Sardinia with lots of history built up by the Catalan conquerors and you can still hear the Catalan language in the town. One of the most popular day trips from Alghero is to the Grotta di Nettuno (Neptune’s Grotto) which can be reached by either boat or by the road.

By boat you can take in some amazing scenery and spend time on the sea looking out at the blue bay of Porto Conte and the vertical cliffs at Capo Caccia or if you decide by road you can meander down 656 steps that lead down to the grotto which is an experience in itself! These have been named the Escala del Cabirol or goat’s steps, as they were cut into the sheer cliff wall. As for the inside of the cave.. well you will have to discover for yourself just how spectacular it is! 

For those more in favour of a underwater adventure, be sure to pack the snorkels and seek out the silent shipwrecks off the coast of Cagliari and the submerged Nereo Cave in the Coral riviera of Alghero.

There is something very special about Sardinian beaches, the thin white sand and clear emerald sea is warm and calm. Long Travel’s favourite is the Mugoni beach on the Porto Conte eastern road which is sheltered from the wind by a pine forests surrounding the beach.

You can get a ‘patino’ boat and ride the waves or watch the wind surfers from the comfort of the beach. For those who want a little more culture and history an exploration of the Alghero Cathedral other known as the Cathedrale of St Mary the immaculate (Duomo di Alghero, Cattedrale Di Santa Maria Immacolata). A roman catholic cathedral which was once the seat of the Bishop of Alghero. Then take a wonder to the Church of San Francesco which has been constructed in the same style as the cathedral in a gothic Catalan style. It has a small and picturesque cloister consisting of two rows of round arches with the bottom arches dating back to the 15th century and the second row dating back to the 18th century.

There is plenty to explore here and lots of history to learn. If baroque is more your style look at visiting the Church of San Michele (La Chiesa Di San Michelle) which is dedicated to the patron saint of the city and is located in the historical centre.

Between the history and fun activities there is something for everyone in Alghero, Sardinia and is a must for a family holiday or a couples getaway or even a lone exploration!
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Alghero At A Glance

Average Flight Time from the UK to Alghero: 2hours 35mins

What to See in Alghero: St John Tower, Museo del Corallo di Alghero, Chiesa del Carmelo, Bastioni, Torre di Sant'Elmo, Alghero Marina, Dolphin Watching

Best Way To Get Around Alghero: Walking

What to Eat in Alghero: As the Catalan influence is still strong here, no trip to Alghero would be complete without trying some delicious, authentic paella!