Sardinia has been seducing visitors and the likes of the rich and famous for years with its stunning coastlines and white sand beaches like Mugoni beach, a paradise haven on earth, sheltered from the wind by a pine forests and turquoise seas.

There is so much more to Sardinia than just beaches. Explore the stunning landscapes and Nuragic village of Tiscali nestled in a rocky cave and mountainous valley. A boat trip is a great way to take in scenery of the blue bay of Porto Conte and the vertical cliffs at Capo Caccia or to seek out the silent shipwrecks off the coast of Cagliari.

Immerse yourself in Catalan history in the old town of Alghero enclosed by ancient walls or from the harbour take a boat trip to the Grotta di Nettuno (Neptune’s Grotto), a magical cave with stalactite ceilings and an underground Salt Lake. In the north west of Sardinia marvel at the Church of San Francesco with its small and picturesque cloister consisting of two rows of round arches with the bottom arches dating back to the 15th century and the second row dating back to the 18th century.

If wildlife is your thing, head to Giara di Gesturi to see the wild horses, or visit the virtually uninhabited Isola dell’Asinara with its white donkeys. We also recommend a hike through Sardinia's alpine-like forests for a chance to get closer to nature.   

Cannigione, is another thriving town, with typical seaside resort boutiques, shops selling local produce and plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants to stop and refresh.

Sardinian cuisine is exquisite offering a fantastic array of both traditional and contemporary restaurants reflecting Sardinia’s culture and character. The island has its very own takes on pasta, bread, and wine, and all three are simply delicious!

No trip to Sardinia would be complete without marvelling at the delights of the Costa Smeralda. Boat trips are available to the Costa Smeralda and the islands of La Maddalena from the small port. Beaches in and around the area are stunning and the cascading pastel hillside houses make the perfect picture.

Between the history and fun activities there is something for everyone in Sardinia and is a must for a family holiday or a couple’s getaway or even a lone exploration!

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Sardinia At A Glance

Average Flight Time from the UK to Sardinia: 2hours 30mins

Nearest Airports in Sardinia: Olbia, Alghero or Cagliari

Fly to Sardinia From: All UK Airports

Towns to Visit in Sardinia: Alghero, Golfo Aranci, Porto Cervo, Sassari, Cagliari

What to see in Sardinia: Nuraghe in North West, Costa Smeralda, Neptunes Grotto near Alghero, Cagliari Cathedral, Nora ruins, Gennargentu mountain national park.

What to Eat and Drink in Sardinia: Pasta, bread, cheeses including casu marzu pecorino, and dolci.  Wines - Vermentino whites, Cannonau reds.