Torre Canne

Torre Canne is one of our most popular destinations for a beach holiday in Puglia. We offer a wide choice of hotels in and around this charming coastal village, which is close to the town of Fasano. Set on the Adriatic Sea, Torre Canne offers crystal-clear, shallow waters and beautiful sandy beaches, perfect for a relaxed seaside holiday. 

Torre Canne boasts a tall and beautiful lighthouse, and the town has a quaint, peaceful atmosphere, with its restaurants and cafes along the beach, and little shops for you to browse.

Puglia is famous for its thermal springs, which have drawn travellers to its spas for centuries - these are said to offer beauty remedies.  To the south of Torre Canne is the attractive nature reserve area of Parco delle Dune Costiere. Be sure to visit it during your holiday in Torre Canne!



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Torre Canne At A Glance

Nearest Airports to Torre Canne: Bari + Brindisi

Neighbouring Towns to Torre Canne: Fasano, Monopoli, Ostuni, Martina Franca, Noci

Torre Canne is best for: Beach Holidays

What to Eat in Torre Canne: Fish and seafood. The Regina di Torre Canne tomatoes are only grown in this area, and are characterised by their savoury taste which comes from the sheltered coastal plots where they are grown. They are one of the region's protected Slow Foods, and are definitely worth trying!