Naples & South Campania

How can anyone live without visiting Naples? It is like no other city and one that should definitely be explored. It seems to represent the very essence of the South, encapsulating its differences, emphasising its charms and intoxicating its visitors to the point of addiction. Dating back to the 2nd millenium B,C, famous landmarks, active volcanoes and roman towns, nestle within this southern city.

Italy's north-south divide is noticeably obvious. In contrast to the reserve of the north, the fancy cuisine, the organised driving and modern way of life, be prepared to experience another extreme - chaos; emotions on display to the world; family-run businesses which have been passed down through the generations; wonderfully warm and welcoming people; a simple, healthy cuisine, which is based on the freshest ingredients, all speaks for itself. A region where football is a religion; boasting a thriving music scene; fabulous shops; and so much more to discover.

Naples is special, and that's a fact. Being one of Italy’s largest cities and oldest cities, Naplescentrostorico (historic centre) isaUNESCO World Heritage Site with impressive palaces, castles and churches. Long Travel recommend including it as partofyourAmalfiCoastmulti-centre itinerary as you have to discover Naples!

South Campania is idyllic for those seeking golden beaches, magnificent coastal scenery and a base to explore Greek Temples at Paestum or Pompeii. Stroll along the local fishing villages, watch herds of water buffalo or delve into the National Parks.

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Naples & South Campania At A Glance

Nearest Airport to Naples & South Campania: Naples

Average Flight Time from the UK to Naples & South Campania: 2hours 31mins

Naples & South Campania are Best Known for: Pizza, pasta and coffee

What to See in Naples & South Campania: Pompeii, Paestum, Velia, Mount Vesuvius

Make it a Multi-Centre: As Naples acts as a stepping stone for the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Ischia, our Travel Specialists always recommend spending a couple nights here either at the beginning or the end of a trip to explore the wonders of Naples.