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At the western side of the Bay of Naples sits a beautiful and colourful 17-square mile island. Even on a cloudy day Ischia is picture perfect.

From the Island of Ischia you can catch a glimpse of the Capri island just off the bay of Sorrento, both islands fit perfectly into a Long Travel multi-centre tour of the Amalfi Coast staying at beautiful Amalfi Hotels and properties.

Sant'Angelo is an exquisitely pretty village on the southern tip of the island. A vehicle free fishing village. The narrow streets plus tasteful shops and a good range of restaurants make it an ideal spot to wash the boats and yachts coming into the harbour. No trip to Ischia is complete without a visit here.

Castello Aragonese D’Ischia is open all year, seven days a week. A medieval castle full of history taking grand place on top of a rocky volcanic islet that connects to the large island of Ischia by a causeway (the Ponte Aragonese). It is the most impressive historical monument in Ischia built in 474BC. Beautiful maintained and restored with great gardens in which you can sometime find pomegranates growing and the view from the top of Ischia, the sea and Napoli shorelines is truly breathtaking. Some have even spotted dolphins from the top!

The Chiesa Del Soccorso church hardly needs any introduction, perched high on its promontory at Forio, with the sea below and mountains behind, the location couldn’t be more atmospheric or beautiful. Given its prominent location, it would have been the first sight of home, for many a weary sailor in past centuries. This startlingly white church, standing like a beacon, has been featured on postage stamps, painted by artists and photographed by many.

If you feel like being at one with nature take a trip to visit La Mortella. The spectacular subtropical and Mediterranean garden developed since 1956. (Can be visited April through to October). Build by British composer Sir William Walton and his Argentinian wife Susana Walton and designed by landscape architect Russell Page. It is acclaimed one of the most beautiful private gardens of Italy. The garden spreads over 2 hectars and has a major collection of exotic, rare plants that are constantly developed year after year. You can reach the upper hill and take in breathtaking views of the Bay of Forio.

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Ischia At A Glance

What to see on the Island of Ischia: The island's capital, Porto d'Ischia, bustling bars and a lively seafront. Sant'Angelo attracts the beach lovers backed by a dramatic mountain peak. Those wanting the best of both worlds go to Forio it blends coastal atmosphere and Ischian culture.

What to Eat on the Island of Ischia: Food in Ischia tends to be based around seafood (which is plentiful and down to the catch of the day) as well as rabbit and lemons. Ischian Rabbit: rabbit casserole with chilli peppers, tomatoes, and mixed herbs perfectly accompanied by Limoncello.