Beautiful and undiscovered. Majestic and peaceful. Welcome to Abruzzo…
Surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery, Abruzzo's landscape is surprisingly varied, with a sandy coastline and ancient forests in the National Parks.

Despite its promixity to Rome, Abruzzo is refreshingly unique and unspoilt by tourism. This region boasts a higher concentration of protected land than any other in Italy, with vestiges of stunning wild fauna. Abruzzo is also rich in folklore and tradition, which you can explore in its quirky villages.

Explore the medieval buildings which make up the towns in Abruzzo, visit isolated castles which sit on the hillsides, or take a swim in warm, azure waters, whilst gazing up at snow-capped mountains. Abruzzo has so much to offer.

Abruzzese hospitality is famously sincere, and the food and wine are known to be some of the best in Italy - we’ll let you decide.

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Abruzzo At A Glance

Average Flight Time from the UK to Abruzzo: 2hours 40mins

Nearest Airport in Abruzzo: Rome and Pescara

Make it a Multi-Centre: Our Travel Specialists have created many multi-centre holidays combining Abruzzo with a short break in Rome to be able to see both the countryside beauty of Abruzzo and the bustling historic centre of Rome.

Towns to Visit in Abruzzo: Sulmona, Penne, Vasto, Loreto Aprutino

What to See in Abruzzo: 3 mountain National Parks, Trabocchi Coast, Basilica di Santa Maria di Collemaggio, Oil olive museum in Loreto Aprutino

What to Eat in Abruzzo: Lamb dishes, olive oil, bocconotti – jam-filled pastries.