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Aveiro is one of the country’s most unique and inspiring cities and still waiting to be discovered as most tourist arriving to the country head to the main cities and holiday resorts. Aveiro, also known as the “Portuguese Venice”, a city on the coast dominated by the Ria de Aveiro, described by Saramago as “a living body that connects the land to the sea like a huge heart.”

Just like in Venice, you can roam the canals of Aveiro in a private “Moliceiro” boats that were traditionally used to harvest seaweed, nowadays used as gondolas. The canals of the lagoon lead you through the city and help to understand the history of the town, admire its Art Nouveau houses on the banks and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere created in this ancient city. The beautiful Salt pans on the other side of the city where you can access with the boats or on foot is also magnificent as one can walk or cycle for miles around these man-made fields and enjoy the tranquillity.

Aveiro At A Glance

What to See in Aveiro
Aveiro Museum, Statues on the bridges (Estatuas das Pontes), Aveiro Cathedral, Art Nouveau Museum, Forum Aveiro, Marinha da Troncalhada Ecomuseum, Costa Nova Beach, Dunas de Sao Jacinto Nature Reserve, Ria de Aveiro
Best Way to get around Aveiro
Bike, Bus or Moliceiro!
Average Population in Aveiro


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