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The Famagusta and Karpaz peninsula is famous for Caribbean like golden sandy beaches, unspoilt landscape and its historical heritage as Famagusta has been a royal city throughout its history and the remains of the past can still be seen inside the walled city.

From its Gothic Saint Nicholas Cathedral to Venetian city walls, and the magnificent Othello Tower there is plenty to see and do in Famagusta.

 The region was in fast the up and coming holiday resort of the islad in 10970 with many new hotels being built on its golden sandy beaches. The biggest part where most of these hotels were built is in the Marash area which has been closed to inhabitants since the war in 1974.  

The beautiful Karpaz Peninsula also known as the pan handle, is also the natural reserve of the island as you are sure to be greeted by a local donkey, wild boar or goat en-route to the Apostolos Andreas Monastery located on a beautiful rock by the sea almost at the tip of the island. Both Turkish and Greek citizens visit this monastery and believe to help to heal number of illnesses therefore it is considered a holly monument across the island. This part is famous for its small eco-villages, charming boutique, excellent walking routes and natural habitants from wild endemic plants to animals including the loggerhead caretta caretta sea turtles who visit many sandy beaches to lay their eggs every year.
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Take a wonder to the port and watch the world go by.

Famagusta & Karpaz At A Glance

Nearest Airport in Famagusta & Karpaz
Lanarca and Ercan
What to See in Famagusta & Karpaz
Apostolos Andreas Monastery, Golden Beach in Karpaz, Salamis Ruins, St. Barnabas Monastery, Famagusta old city and Othello Tower
Must Do on your visit to Famagusta & Karpaz
Take a trip to the golden beaches and the fishing port
Average Flight Time from the UK to Famagusta & Karpaz
approx 5hours
Fly to Famagusta & Karpaz from
All London Airports, Manchester, Birmingham, Edingburgh

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