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How can anyone live without visiting Naples? It is like no other city. It seems to represent the very essence of the South, encapsulating its differences, emphasising its charms and intoxicating its visitors to the point of addiction. Nowhere is Italy's north-south divide more obvious, in some ways escaping the march of time.

Do not look for the reserve of the north, the fancy cuisine, the organised driving and modern way of life. Be prepared to experience another extreme - chaos; emotions on display to the world; businesses which have been in families for generations; wonderfully warm and welcoming people; a simple, healthy cuisine, which, based on the freshest ingredients, speaks for itself; football as a religion; a thriving music scene; fabulous shops; and so very much more.

Naples is special, and that's a fact. Being one of Italy’s largest cities and oldest cities, Naples centro storico (historic centre) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with impressive palaces, castles and churches.


Our Naples Expert

Naples is vibrant and crazy (in a good way). One of my favourite things to do is walk up the Spacanapoli, a small narrow street which goes right up Naples where little shops spill out offering nativity figurines and chillies.
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Naples At A Glance

Naples is Ideal for
Couples, Margherita Pizza, Coffee, City Breaks, Football lovers, Ballet, Theatre, Opera, Boat trips, Limoncello
What to See in Naples
San Carlo Opera House, Naples Historic Centre, Pompeii, Catacombe di San Gennaro, Underground Naples, Mount Vesuvius
Don't Miss These Events in Naples
Naples is well known for its music and there are plenty of Music Festivals all year round for you to enjoy. There is also the Napoli Film Festival in June. Naples love to entertain and have lots of energy so whatever time of year there is sure to be a festival for you to go to so give us a call and we can inform you on whats on at the time of your trip.


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