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If you like your towns picturesque then you are going to love Acquafredda di Maratea. Perched between the mountains and the sea, Acquafredda di Maratea is a wonderful place to stay if you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of some of the other towns in Southern Italy.

It may be steep to get around, but for those who are happy to climb these inclines, they will be delighted to discover the 44 churches (yes 44!) that call it their home! Not only this, but if you are really up for a challenge then see if you can tackle the Monte San Biagio, the hill above the town. As those who make it to the top will find the giant 22 metre high statue of Christ the Redeemer, a sight that really has to be seen to be believed.


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When you're in Basilicata visit the coastline of Maratea, it's known to be like the Amalfi Coast before it developed,
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Acquafredda Di Maratea At A Glance

Acquafredda Di Maratea is Best Known for
Its Beaches
Must Visit Beaches in Acquafredda Di Maratea
Porticello , Falling Stones and Marizza. At the beach of Porticello lies the entrance of the Dragon Cave, deep in various kilometers, accessible only by experienced speleologists. Further north, the Grotta della Scala beach, reachable only by sea, then the largest beaches of Luppa and Anginarra , divided by a small cliff barrier, easily reachable by car.
Hidden Gems of Acquafredda Di Maratea
Acquafredda Villa Nitti, overlooking the sea, once a "buen retreat" of the homonymous President of the Italian Council of the 1920s, now owned by the Basilicata Region and home to artistic and cultural events.


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