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Iceland - the land of earth, fire and water; craterous volcanic landscapes, cascading waterfalls, vast glaciers and frozen lava fields, will leave you feeling as though time has stood still.

Everything about Iceland is evocative. From dramatic landscapes and snow-capped mountains to serene natural warm thermal springs of the Blue Lagoon, it is a country of contrasts.

A land rich in treasures, the glistening Diamond Beach is phenomenal where scatterings of diamond ice formations lie on a carpet of black sands. Take a tour and encounter Iceland’s diverse wildlife, from a spot of whale-watching or see puffins and porpoises in their natural habitat.

Iceland’s dark clear skies make it one of the best places in the world to star gaze into the milky universe or watch the wonder of the “aurora borealis”, a mystical astral display of neon lights dancing across the night skies that will leave you spellbound.

Whichever way you choose to travel around Iceland is a part of the adventure, whether you choose to travel by snowmobile, Icelandic pony or super-jeep, it will certainly be unique.


Our Iceland Expert

Paul has been with us for 14 years and travelled all over the world. He curates hand-crafted itineraries for his clients, ensuring they make incredible memories on their holidays. 
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Average Flight Time from the UK to Iceland
3hours 15minutes
Time Difference between the UK and Iceland
No time difference
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Icelandic Krona
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