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At Long Travel we have completely fallen in love with the beautiful unspoilt island of Corsica which remains one of France’s best kept secrets. It is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea enveloped in rocky mountainous landscape, verdant forests, majestic lakes and a rugged wilderness of national parks with natural walking trails and hiking routes.

Corsica has a distinctive aroma about the island owing to its scented shrubbery and flowery headlands, where gentle scents carry on the warm Mediterranean breeze. Surrounded by picturesque coastline, Corsica is dotted with a number of stunning uncrowded beaches with tiny coves and clear turquoise waters making it a haven of tranquillity and the perfect place to relax on warm sands with a book far away from the daily stresses of modern life.

One of the most noticeable aspects of Corsica is its unhurried slow pace of life. It is a place where you can really take your time to explore at your own leisure from vibrant markets to quiet medieval hilltop towns nestled with small bars and restaurants. Stop and sample the local delicacies as you bask in glorious views and watch the sun go down.

The island’s culture feels French enough but doesn’t have the same formality as other regions on mainland France. Close to Sardinia, Corsica has retained its Italian influence as well as cultural influences from France and North Africa due to its chequered history.

Renowned for producing some of the finest cheeses, Corsican cuisine is based on local ingredients such as grapes, olives and citrus fruits, along with a choice of meats slow-roasted in herbs and garlic and the freshest seafood served with vegetables.

Ajaccio is the capital of Corsica with plenty of museums, a charming port and famous as the birth place of Napoleon Bonaparte. Discover impressive towns of Bonifacio with a captivating citadel offering glorious views or the dramatic red granite rocky headlands of Porto Vecchio with boat trips from the picturesque marina. The uncrowded nature of the place will make you feel as though you literally have the whole of the island to yourself.

We have carefully hand-picked a selection of the most romantic, charming and elegant hotels on the island to give you a unique relaxing holiday experience.


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France to most might seem like an obvious choice as a holiday destination, but it's those undiscovered areas including Corsica which caught our eye. 
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France At A Glance

Multi-centre with
Corisca makes for an idyllic multi-centre with Sardinia
Best time to visit
All year round, but between June and August for the blue skies
Time difference to the UK
+ 1 hour
Fly from
Majority of UK airports
Best for
Exploring, cuisines and coastlines

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