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Lapland sits in the most Northern part of Finland high above the Arctic Circle. A place that has become synonymous with Christmas, it is the official home of the real Santa Claus and has more reindeers than inhabitants. Small enchanting towns and fairy-tale villages look like a dreamland scene straight from a Christmas card.

A wonderland wilderness of forests pine and spruce, scenic mountain fells and national parks with well mapped hiking trails. The captivating countryside is mesmerising with untouched nature, majestic lakes and tranquil rivers to really make you feel a part of nature.

Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit Lapland, also known as “Ruska”, where the landscape transforms into a carpet of orange, gold and brown leaves. A country with over 3 million saunas, the chilly autumnal nights are a wonderful opportunity to relax, unwind and warm up in a steamy sauna.

The dark winter months provide the perfect chance for a spot of star gazing or the chance to experience the mystical Northern Lights dance across the clear Finnish skies. The winter months in Lapland are also popular for snow activities such as skiing, skating or a husky or reindeer sleigh ride, for adventure seekers or creating enjoyment for all the family.

In contrast the summer months experience endless 24-hours of daylight, also known as “white nights” where the sun doesn’t set for three consecutive months from May to August, enabling you to spend more time outdoors or for enjoying a midnight swim.

A region stepped in myths and legends, Lapland will be a magical exciting experience for people of all ages and the chance to make memories you won’t forget in a long time.


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Lapland At a Glance

Average flight time from the UK to Lapland
3 hours 30 minutes
Nearest Airport to Lapland
Rovaniemi Airport
Fly into Lapland from
Most UK Airports
Other regions to visit
Helsinki, Lake Saimaa

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