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Whether you’re wandering around the harbour town of Kryenia or shipwreck diving in Larnaca, Cyprus has plenty to offer for everyone. Discover more now.

What to do in Cyprus

Whether you enjoy exploring the ancient culture of historic cities, or have more of a sense of adventure, Cyprus has a lot to offer. Find out why visiting Cyprus with help from Long Travel should be the next destination on your bucket list today.

Best things to do in Cyprus

The soaring summer temperatures and promises of culture and seaside are enough to attract any traveller to the Cypriot island. But what are the best places to visit in Cyprus?


Discover the small beautiful harbour town of Kyrenia situated in Turkish Cyprus – find a stunning backdrop of mountains and architecture which add to the quaint feel of this area. If you’re a fan of marine life, Kyrenia is also known as one of the best places to spot turtles in their natural habitat. If you visit in September, you can even help set the turtles back into the sea.

A plus point of visiting Kyrenia is the currency – Kyrenia’s main currency is Turkish Lira. This works out to be £1 to 7 Turkish Lira, meaning that it’s a lot cheaper to holiday here than it would be for other parts of Cyprus which are using the Euro.

With countless activities to do in Kyrenia, you can explore the Old Town of abandoned stone buildings mixed with newer concrete buildings whilst gazing out onto the stunning coastline that surrounds it. If you’re interested in some Kyrenia culture, explore the Museum of Decorative Arts, the 7th century Byzantine Kyrenia Castle or the Shipwreck Museum – all of which offer a cultural experience and contribute to Kyrenia being one of the best places to visit in Cyprus. The Bellapais Monastery is also a must-visit place – this beautiful historic venue holds host to classical music festivals throughout the year.

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Famagusta & Karpaz

Situated in Eastern Cyprus, this peninsula is famous for golden sand beaches and an unspoilt landscape. Explore the ancient walls of the royal historical city – traditionally walled, the city walls still stand today with 2/3 of the wall side underwater with only the Roman Baths and the amphitheatre still in view.

The town itself is one of the most well-designed cities – built in the Roman times, it’s home to 365 churches, which works out to 1 each day for the king. Visit some of the most iconic landmarks on your trip to Famagusta – the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, the St. Barnabas Monastery and the extraordinary Othello Tower are well known in Famagusta, and ones to certainly add to the bucket list whilst visiting.

As well as the history and culture, Famagusta boasts Caribbean like beaches. Again, this area is home to many sea turtles as the beaches are next to the Dead City. This means turtles are happy to make their home here, allowing travellers to happily snorkel among many turtles when they visit Famagusta.

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Commonly referred to as the birthplace of Aphrodite, Paphos is a well-known holiday and tourist destination that many travel to in the summer months. But what makes Paphos so desirable? From perusing the various shops and eateries in the upper section of the city to exploring the ruins and archaeology of the lower section, which is known as Kato Paphos, the city is a must-see.

Alternatively, explore the golden beaches that Paphos has to offer. Experience the region where the mountains meet the sea and a city that boasts diverse culture when you visit Paphos.


Discover the capital city of Cyprus – Nicosia is a capital unlike any other. Split into the Turkish controlled Northern Cyprus and the Greek Republic of Cyprus to the South, this city spans in dozens of museums and attracts holiday goers each year. If you’re interested in the division of this city, the Ledra Observatory Museum shows the island’s national dividing line, also known as ‘The Green Line’.

For a sense of the countryside in Nicosia, the Athalassa National Forest Park is the perfect place to escape to tranquillity when visiting Cyprus. Take the children here for a day out in the park whilst experiencing a dose of nature to counteract the hustle and bustle of the capital city of Cyprus.  


Speculated to be the oldest city in Cyprus, with a history that dates back more than 6,000 years ago, Larnaca is a hot spot destination for culture and a sense of adventure. For the historians among us, discover the 9th century Church of St Lazarus, built over the reputed tomb of Lazarus.

Whilst in Larnaca, why not experience underwater shipwreck diving? Explore the Zenobia – a Swedish-built cargo ship that sank in 1980. Dependant on your diving experience, there are various levels, decks and halls of the ship that can be explored. Not only do you get to dive through a shipwreck, but the Zenobia acts like an artificial reef for the aquatic life of the Mediterranean – so you’ll be able to spot some amazing wildlife, too. This experience is extremely rewarding for the technical and more experienced divers, as you can explore the ship’s innards more intricately.

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