Finland: a Place to Relax, Rejuvenate and Revitalise!

Why travel to Finland? It’s always snowing, and it’s only for the winter months…right? Wrong! Finland is also the perfect destination for a summer getaway.

Clean Living 

Recently named as the ‘Happiest Place to Live’, it isn’t hard to see why. The country places a strong focus on clean living, wellness and well-being, and enjoys a healthy wholesome Nordic diet, based on fresh natural ingredients often sourced straight from the forest to the dinner table.

Did you know that Finland is the greenest country within the EU and reportedly has the cleanest air in the world? Also Finland’s lakes and waters are so clean and pure it is perfectly drinkable in some areas. With over 40 national parks, Finland creates a perfect environment for biodiversity, helping people to relax, recharge and get back to nature.

With modern life becoming increasingly hectic, allowing very little time to focus on ourselves, Finland offers the perfect antidote, with its slower pace of life, allowing you to really switch off, unplug and disconnect from daily stresses, leaving you with time and space to re-connect with yourself. 


Midnight Sun 

Finland has so much to offer, providing the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation, there is something for everyone. When people think of Finland, images of snowy landscapes and Christmas may spring to mind. It is after all the official home of Santa Claus.

However, Finland comes to life during the summer months and witnesses the natural phenomena of 24 hours of endless daylight, aptly named the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’. Do you ever hear yourself saying there just aren’t enough hours in the day? The longer daylight hours mean you will have plenty of time to explore the natural beauty of this wonderful country.



We all have different ideas of how we like to relax. Perhaps you fancy a relaxing spa and wellness break with detoxifying massage treatments or unwinding in a steamy sauna? You won’t struggle to find one, as Finland has over 3 million! Sauna’s in Finland are extremely popular due to their reported health benefits in reducing blood pressure and relieving stress.

Maybe an invigorating sail over the calm and tranquil waters of Lake Saimaa is more your thing, taking the time to enjoy the quiet and stillness of nature, to soothe and refresh the mind. You could even take a trip out to see the Saimma ringed seals or countless other species of wildlife in their natural habitats. Or if you are feeling brave, perhaps you fancy going for an invigorating swim in the warm rays of the midnight sun to revive your senses. If so, then Lake Saimma is definitely the place for you.



Imagine having your very own log cabin retreat on the shorelines of the lake, with only the sound of nature surrounding you? It is the perfect spot to restore and cleanse the mind and body, finding inner peace, happiness and contentment.

If you fancy a bit of an adventure, there are plenty of activities to keep you active and the best thing, you will experience stunning views wherever you go. You could either take a gentle stroll or hike up mountains to see nature at its finest. You can even go rafting or paddle-boating, Finland really does offer the best of both worlds!



If exploring and hiking aren’t really your thing, why not head to the culture-rich city of Helsinki? With its steady, slow paced way of life in stark contrast to many modern cities, with museums by the dozen, festivals and festivities around every corner, there is never a dull moment in the vibrant, coastal capital.

If you fancy ‘taking a breather’ away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, why not take a step back (or a quick flight!), and visit Finland, and see what this beautiful country has to offer.