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Long Travel are an Appointed Representative of Gold Cover Insurance Services Ltd, who are FSA authorised and regulated.

Insurance cover is available for personal travel by air, rail or coach. We recommend that all our clients take our competitively priced GOLD COVER travel insurance to protect against the risk of cancellation from the time of booking and for medical, baggage cover etc whilst abroad. Also, airlines can refuse to carry passengers if they do not have travel insurance. No form need be completed as we have automatic arrangements for all our clients (a specimen policy is available on request). However, there are restrictions in the policy, particularly relating to pre-existing medical conditions, and hazardous activities, you should read the front cover of the policy wording for more information. Please read the policy you receive very carefully and return it or query it, if you have any doubts. Gold Cover Advance travel insurance is underwritten by ETI International Travel Protection (ETI) the UK branch of Europäisch Reiseveersicherung A.G Munich, members of the Munich Reinsurance Group.

From 01/01/15 the insurance premium and the associated policy details may change. Should any changes to the policy be implemented, we reserve the right to alter our policy details and premium accordingly.
European Single Trip Holiday Insurance Premium in £'s (including Insurance Premium tax).

19-65 years old

66-69 years old 70-74 years old 75-80 years old 81+ years old
up to 5   days £29.00 £36.00 £43.00 £58.00 £72.00
up to 10 days £34.00 £44.00 £54.00 £71.00 £89.00
up to 17 days £37.00 £49.00 £58.00 £78.00 £98.00
up to 24 days £44.00 £60.00 £71.00 £98.00 £125.00
There will be a 1.8% surcharge for payments made by credit card and 2.5% for payments made by American Express. No charge for debit cards or cheques.
EUROPEAN SINGLE TRIP INSURANCE • Family cover = 2 x adult rate (Single Parent Family rate = 1.5 x adult rate). •  Family cover is for up to 2 adults and all dependant children under 19 years, or under 21 if in full-time education, living in the same household  •  Children under 3 years at time of travel get free insurance when travelling with an insured adult •  Additional child rate is 50% of the adult rate. This is for children who are not members of the insured family, but are accompanied by an insured adult.
ANNUAL WORLDWIDE & EUROPEAN INSURANCE •  Maximum age for annual insurance is 74 •  Family cover is for up to 2 adults and all dependent children under 19 years living at home •  An unlimited amount of travel with up to 31 days per single trip. The number of days per trip can be increased by payment of a further supplement. Please ask for details.
SUMMARY OF COVER (per person) Relevant to all policies. Please see the policy wording for full details of cover.
3. HOSPITAL BENEFIT up to £200
4. HOLIDAY ABANDONMENT (after 24 hrs) up to £5,000
5. TRAVEL DELAY up to £400
6. PERSONAL ACCIDENT up to £20,000 (Death benefit is reduced for under 18, all benefits are reduced for over 65's.)
7. BAGGAGE AND PERSONAL POSSESSIONS up to £2,000 (£250 single item) £50 per day (up to £250) for delayed luggage
8. MONEY up to £500 (£250 cash limit; under 18 £100 cash limit)
9. MISSED DEPARTURE up to £1,000
10. PERSONAL LIABILITY up to £2,000,000
11. LEGAL EXPENSES up to £25,000
13. CATASTROPHE COVER up to £1,000
14. HIJACK up to £1,000
As with most insurances Excesses do apply. Please see policy wording for Excess details • Our insurance does not cover non-UK residents • You should inform us if anyone in your party intends to take part in watersports or any other sporting activities, as an extra premium may be required • You should inform us if anyone in your party will be more than 28 weeks pregnant by the end of the holiday • Making a fraudulent claim on insurance is a criminal offence and we will not get involved in it – so please do not ask!
Our insurance premium MUST BE PAID AT THE TIME OF BOOKING. Please indicate on the booking form, if you DO wish to be covered through us. If you do not, please state your own policy number and company name. The premium payable for European Single Trip Insurance is calculated on the number of days required, including the outward voyage date and the inward voyage date. The period of cover does, however, extend to include the direct journeys in the United Kingdom between home and the port, subject to a maximum of 36 hrs for each journey.  
If you have your own insurance, please check that this is adequate – All members of the party should be insured from the time of booking. TRAVEL INSURANCE IS ESSENTIAL. We insist on this and, if you decide not to take our insurance, full details of comparable cover should be provided on the Booking Form. If you fail to give these details, it will be assumed you have insurance, but the details are not to hand. Either way, it is your responsibility to have cover for yourself and all members of the party, and not ours to remind you further. If you fail to insure and have to cancel, for any reason, you will be completely liable for payments due to us, as outlined in “Booking Conditions” - Do not put yourselves at risk. Please let us know immediately if you take our insurance but you have not received the policy wording and validation certificate
HEALTH CONDITION  Your policy contains restrictions regarding pre-existing medical problems concerning the health of the people travelling and of other people upon whose health the trip may depend. When you receive your policy please read it carefully. If you need to contact the healthline for confirmation of cover please telephone: 0844 826 2700 - The Medical Screening Lines are Open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm; saturday 10am to 4pm (excluding all Public and Bank Holidays) Please quote the policy prefix and unique policy number from your validation certificate.
 Please call us with you requirements: (01694) 722193 

 or email us:[email protected]