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  • If you are booking accommodation only, and sourcing flights elsewhere, our advice is always to have confirmation from us that the accommodation is available and on hold for you, before committing yourself to a flight booking. (If you book flights through us, you receive the full protection given by our ATOL bonding) We will hold the accommodation for you for 24 hours only. Some flight companies will pressurise you into booking, but do not be tempted. If you book flights first and then discover that the accommodation is not available, we cannot be held responsible.
  • Once you book, by email, through our website or over the telephone, we will require credit/debit card details, to secure the booking. The moment you give us your card details, you are committed to proceed with the booking, as discussed, and you are liable to pay deposits, etc. Any changes will be treated as an amendment to the booking. At this stage, if you also require flights, to avoid losing them, we will have to book them immediately. Flight companies will not hold flights. You are totally liable for the flight charges, from this moment, and we will immediately take the full amount for these, from your credit/debit card.
These days, flight companies are less flexible about names on tickets, so:-
  • You must ensure that you are absolutely sure that you require the flights before giving us instructions to book them. Giving us credit/debit card details and passenger names will be treated as confirmation of this. 
  • You must ensure that you give us the correct passenger full names and titles (as on their passports). Any later amendments could cause problems and will automatically incur AT LEAST an amendment charge. Most flights incur a 100% amendment charge after they have been booked. This is especially important to newly-weds.  
  • We will debit the full cost of the flights from your card immediately, but for any accommodation and car hire we are usually happy to wait for a cheque, if you prefer. However, we reserve the right to debit the card, with any charges incurred, if you fail to send in the booking form. If we have booked flights for you, you will be liable to pay for these in full. For late bookings (within two months of departure), we will need to debit your card immediately, to guarantee the booking. We will still need your completed booking form.  
  • Within 5 days OF CONFIRMING YOUR HOLIDAY OVER THE PHONE or by email, EVEN IF YOU HAVE PAID US FOR THE HOLIDAY, we will need the completed booking form, with a non-returnable deposit of:-
ACCOMMODATION -      One third** of full rental/hotel cost/the per person cost of flight/transfer inclusive holidays.  
** It is outlined in the individual price boxes if a property requires a different amount as a deposit. Some require a deposit of 50%, others may require an increased deposit (or full payment) for Special Offers.
FLIGHTS -                            All flights must be paid IN FULL at time of booking.
CAR HIRE -                          £25 per car (unless already included in accommodation rental costs) & Excess Waiver insurance in full.
INSURANCE -                      Must be paid IN FULL at time of booking.
Before sending in your booking form, do take the time to read all of our information and booking conditions. The booking form constitutes a contract between us and your signature on it obliges you, and everyone in your party, to abide by and accept our Booking Conditions and General Information.
  • The booking is not confirmed until we have received your signed booking form and you in turn have received written confirmation from Long Travel. Until then, we shall be under no liability to you whatsoever. If we are unable to accept your booking, we shall return your deposit within 14 days. Any special requirements must be clearly stated on the booking form and, if these can be supplied, we shall confirm in writing. Any not confirmed, in writing, will be conveyed to the property as a special request and cannot be guaranteed. Special requirements are often payable locally.
  • Payment by credit card is welcome, but there will be a 1.8% surcharge for any payments made in this way. Credit cards accepted are Visa and Mastercard. Payment by debit card or cheque does not incur a surcharge. Debit cards accepted are Switch (Maestro), Visa Debit and Solo. We can also accept payments by American Express cards, though there will be a 2.5% surcharge on any payments made in this way. Some bank to bank transfers will incur a charge, these vary depending on the amount, which bank is involved and the country from which the transfer is being made. 
  • A letter, confirming all of your booking details, and confirmation vouchers for accommodation will be issued, on receipt of your booking form and deposit, or full payment if required. If a holiday has been booked at short notice and for any non U.K. residents, we may email these to you. Please keep these safe. You will need to take these to Italy with you. It is essential that you check these details carefully, as soon as you receive them, and inform us immediately of any errors or omissions.  
  • If you have taken our TRAVEL INSURANCE, you will also receive our policy document at this stage. If you do not receive our confirmation voucher(s) or insurance policy, at this stage, it is your responsibility to inform us immediately.  
  • The balance of your holiday will be due TWO CALENDAR MONTHS before departure. You will not normally receive a reminder, so please try to remember to send it in on time. Sometimes, you may get a friendly phone call to remind you. Late payment will automatically incur a £25 administrative charge and/or cancellation of the holiday.
  • On receipt of the final balance, we shall forward “final details” of how to reach the property and our agents, general advice and information etc.
  • Flight tickets, e-ticket references and car hire vouchers will be sent out approximately 7-10 days prior to departure. In most instances these documents will be sent to you by e-mail. It is your responsibility to inform us, if they do not arrive.
  • Excess Waiver Insurance (or CDW) – we book this through an independent specialist (Insurance4carhire). You should receive the policy details by email directly from the insurers, at least 1 week before departure. If you have not received the policy by this point, please let us know so that we can send a duplicate.
  • LATE BOOKING – properties or hotels booked within two calendar months of departure must be paid for IN FULL, at the time of booking. Within one month of the day of departure, we will insist on credit/debit card payment or, in some cases, a bank transfer. There may be a charge for late ticketing and flight tickets will often need to be collected at the airport, on the day of departure. This works well, so you need have no cause for concern. It is often useful if clients making last-minute bookings have access to a fax machine and/or e-mail.
  • There is a booking form on our website, though we will usually email a copy to you as well. The signatory on the booking form should remember that he/she is signing on behalf of all members of the party. Accordingly, please ensure that all members of the party have read the descriptions of the chosen holiday and our Booking Conditions and agree with the signatory’s choice. In the unusual event of complaint it must be the signatory who contacts us – we will not be able to uphold any complaint made by anyone other than the signatory. The signatory should be the “LEAD NAME” on the booking form (always a member of the party travelling) and all correspondence will be addressed to him/her.
  • We can accept signed booking forms via post, fax or a scanned copy by email. 
  • The titles and full names on the booking form must be the same as on the relevant passports. Flight companies charge us for any amendments and we will have to pass these charges on, if we have not received the correct information from you, as described.
  • Similarly, the car driver’s name given, must be as stated on your driving licence and passport, Please inform us if they differ in any way, so that we can advise, as necessary. If no specific name is given, we will book the car in the “LEAD NAME” on the booking form. Lead drivers should also inform us of any endorsements on their licence. Failure to do so could result in the local suppliers’ refusal to supply the car.
  • You must provide us with the name and telephone number of a person you would like us to contact, in the event of an emergency, as well as your own mobile phone number, if you have one.

  • Any amendment made after receipt of the booking form must be confirmed to us in writing and will incur an administration charge of £25 per person, per element (including children, but not infants), plus any additional charges imposed by proprietors, airlines or other suppliers. Car hire amendments will incur an administration charge of £25 per car, plus any additional charges imposed by the car hire companies.
  • If you have to cancel, it is prudent to act quickly, to minimise charges. We always require cancellation in writing and will act within the terms of our booking conditions. However, in practice, we are always happy to help as much as we can, and we will do our best, on your behalf. You should also inform your insurance company immediately.
  • If any charges, or increases in tax are levied by government, airline or principals we reserve the right to add this to the price of your holiday.
  • All members of the party should be insured from the time of booking. TRAVEL INSURANCE IS ESSENTIAL.
We insist on this and, if you decide not to or cannot take our insurance, which is only available to U.K. residents, full details of comparable cover should be provided on the booking form. If you fail to give these details, it will be assumed you have insurance, but the details are not to hand. Either way, it is your responsibility to have cover for yourself and all members of the party, and not ours to remind you further.  If you fail to insure and have to cancel, for any reason, you will be completely liable for any payments due to us, as outlined in “Booking Conditions” on our website.We do not have to be informed of medical conditions, but there is an important procedure to follow. See our holiday insurance details on our website.
If you choose not to take our insurance and take out alternative insurance cover, as well as checking for comparable cover, clients should check the conditions of this cover. Some organisations who offer insurance, only insure for actual journeys to and from the destination, or will only cover certain aspects of the holiday that are completely paid for with a credit card, or will not insure all members of the party. Private health insurance may well cover you for treatment abroad. It does not usually cover other essential elements of travel insurance, nor the cost of transport home, in a medical emergency.  
It is clients’ responsibility to check with their own insurance supplier or private health insurers. Do not put yourselves at risk.
Long Travel office is open between the hours of 9.00 & 5.30 Monday to Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays), outside of these hours you should expect to leave a message. We will respond to any out of hours messages as soon as we can, but please bear in mind that this may well be the next working day and we are closed all day Sunday. Therefore any messages left after 5.30 on Saturday may not be picked up until 9.00 on Monday.